Quick commerce combines traditional e-commerce with last-mile delivery - just what customers are hungry for.

Quick commerce combines traditional e-commerce with last-mile delivery - just what customers are hungry for.

Have you ever heard of Q-commerce?

To be fair, it is a relatively new thing and influenced by the lockdowns due to something called Covid-19, which significantly reduced the accessibility to everyday items and changed the consumer buying journey.

While the well-known E-commerce refers to online purchase, Q-commerce stands for “quick commerce” it combines traditional e-commerce with last-mile delivery - just what customers are hungry for.

Why should you consider Q-commerce?

The demand for fast deliveries has increased since the pandemic; consumers not only want but expect items to be delivered to their doorstep - the fastest, the best. With that said, to keep competitive, it’s no longer a case of waiting 1 or 3 days for your clothes to arrive but some hours.

We believe you can have the convenience of having a sneaker delivers in a 3 hours window. Gaining the ability to provide same-day delivery, such as Delivery+, will complement the agility and flexibility required to respond to customer demand adeptly.

Some of the benefits of Q-commerce

Business Flexibility

Stay ahead of the competition. With so many big retailers offering next-day delivery and other benefits, delivery inside a 3h frame will improve your offer against your competitors. By Zliiding, you will also compete in a democratic platform - you will avoid the red ocean.

Customer satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction. Customer expectations are quite high since the Netflix boom consumers want everything in demand, being that food, movies, or clothes, making it difficult for companies to impress.

Same-day delivery is a great way to wow customers and creates a loyal following. As a result, customers are more willing to make repeat purchases in the future, recommend your business and make your bottom line very pretty to look at.

Increase efficiency

Improving efficiency is a goal for many businesses because it results in higher profits and a better brand reputation. In addition, same-day delivery speeds up shipments and allows companies to transport documents from one location to another or third-party vendors. Having this capability keeps daily activities running smoothly and sets the business apart from its competition.

Improve inventory management

When you have same-day delivery and sales working together with advanced tools such as Zliide self-checkout and Zliide Delivery +, you can stop wasting time organizing your overflowing warehouse and spend your time on other important tasks. No more piling up inventory.

It’s a wrap

Even though Q-commerce is a new thing, we honestly think it is here to stay. Of course, we understand not everyone might be ready to deliver at such speed, but that’s mainly what we are for!

With Zliide Delivery+, you will be a step ahead of competitors that are still taking their delivery from the deposits and taking up to 3 days to deliver.

If you want to understand more about Q-commerce and how to update your business, please don’t hesitate to message us.