Enabling stores to become local warehouses

Learn about how Zliide makes 3-hour delivery possible in the major Nordic cities.

Zliide Delivery+ rider standing with his bike

Zliide Delivery+
—3-hour delivery

Enable your stores to become local warehouses with lightning-fast delivery. Make sure customers shop your stores instead of the big online-only players.

Zliide Delivery+

What is Zliide Delivery+?

3-hour delivery directly from the store to the consumer—that’s the essence of Zliide Delivery+. We make it possible through our network of Zliide riders. They pick up the orders from the stores and deliver them to the consumers as fast as possible.

Let customers order directly from the store

Modern consumers expect more.
We deliver more.

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*Currently, Zliide Delivery+ is only available in the Nordics.