We are looking for positive, proactive and professional individuals to join our dedicated team.


As you might know, we aim to change the way we shop. And that takes a lot. Therefore, we are looking for a strategic A-player - a smart and creative marketer with a hunger for awareness, a passion for technology and the ability to orchestrate every little detail.

Together with the rest of the team, some of your main tasks would be:

  • Strategic processes

  • Public relation management

  • Visual content creation

  • Social media execution

  • Advertising

  • Event planning


We are looking for a kick-ass developer with a wide range of skills.
The main part of the job will be backend development in the wonderful worlds of Node.JS, serverless and DevOps. Further, you will have to have knowledge within Reactive UI - flutter and race, iOS.

Overall we are looking for character who is excited about exploring and learning new technologies.

As a part of our software development team, you will get a lot of responsibility and the possibility to change the future of shopping.

The job will be exciting with main tasks within:

  • Moving software architecture to serverless

  • Restructuring the database architecture

  • Integrations with third party systems

  • Implementing new features and UI in the Android and iOS application

So... if you - by coincidence - happen to be born with a mobile phone in your hand, raised in the revolution of the platforms with a passion for innovation, technology and a change for the better? - reach out!