Data from your store just like online

Data is king. Explore the full potential of the physical stores with data that can be used from day one.

Customer data

Customer data enabled

Having insight into who your customers are and what they find interesting is crucial in a fast-paced consumer environment. Imagine being able to collect the same data points as you do online, just from the physical store. This will change the physical store’s position and enable it to become a source of insight and information for the larger organization to utilize and further build on. This is now possible with Zliide.

Store performance data

Store performance

Knowing whether a store is performing is easy. But knowing why or why not is difficult. That’s why we are keen on providing the key and actionable insights into customers and store performance. See what items are performing, which are not converting or why customers in London and New York are not the same, and much more. We enable the physical store to become the primary source of insight into the performance.

Retargeting customers

Retargeting like never before

Keeping customers in your marketing channels is essential. With Zliide, you can utilize your stores to build out larger audiences and the foundation for a stronger D2C strategy.

Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decision

All decisions should be made on a foundation; we believe the foundation is data.  With Zliide, you will see the most crucial data points from the stores and data that you as a retailer can act on instantly. This data can, for example, be sourced back to design, purchase, or retail and ensure that the organization understands customers’ needs. It can explain why the next dress should be yellow or why blue jeans will become a hit in 2 out 5 London stores in the next quarter.

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