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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have in place to offer Zliide to my customers?

To go live with Zliide, you need to have a product feed with sufficient data to support it.

How long does it take to implement Zliide?

The time it takes to implement Zliide varies. The fastest implementation is a few weeks for a mid-size brand to a few months. It all depends on the data and agility of the brand. The mounting of tags and setting up the store only takes 1 day.

What countries does Zliide support?

Zliide is able to support all countries. Currently, the focus is on the Nordics, UK, and the US. But if you have stores in other countries, please reach out to us. Delivery+ is only supported in countries and cities with a high adoption rate.

How does Zliide work with RFID?

Zliide works together with RFID. The RFID is a great technology for the back office and supply chain, but when it comes to the customer experience and data collection, Zliide kicks in and takes over.

What size of a retailer is the best fit for Zliide?

We usually work with larger brands with a wide footprint of stores, whether on a national or international level. Otherwise, we also enable smaller brands and stores to join the platform with and sell online.

Zliide as a white label?

As of now, Zliide doesn’t support a white-label solution. Please reach out for further questions.

Can you sign up for individual parts of the product?

Yes, the Zliide product also comes in parts. For example, the most common selection after the full solution with tags is joining the platform to receive orders directly to the store, and in the Nordics, to connect to the Zliide Delivery+ network.

What are the requirements on the technical side for getting Zliide live?

You need to provide us with a product feed. If you don’t choose to implement the in-store self-checkout, you will also need to provide us with your stores’ stock level.

How are collected data protected?

All collected data are GDPR compliant, and we here at Zliide care a lot about the protection of our users’ and retailers’ data.