Introducing the

An intelligent version of the classic anti-theft tag.

Enabling a dozen features that brings an entirely new experience to your fashion store while enabling your brand to be in control of your customer experience.

When customers pay for a product with their personal app, the Zliide-tag automatically unlocks and customers can remove it - anywhere in-store.

Everything in one app

Zliide fits into your next-generation store with features tailored for today’s customers.


Your store is the heart of your brand. Zliide gives your customers a digital in-store experience with interactive products, unique storytelling and individually tailored recommendations.

Removing lines

Self-checkout in its finest form. Giving your customers control of the entire shopping journey with the opportunity to check-out anywhere in-store. Without having to interact with store staff or a self-checkout kiosk.

Optimal service

Through the self-checkout feature, we eliminate the requirement for your staff to spend time at the cashier. Giving surplus time to assist customers, provide optimal service and ensure additional sales.

Real-time logistics

Through our intelligent Zliide-tag, we provide in-store statistics giving you and your brand insight into real-time inventory levels.
And by knowing which products are in-store, live, you'll be able to provide your customers with the best omni-channel experience - all through the Zliide-app!

Product data

See our Zliide-tag as a mini-censor, that detects every moment, every sign of interest from your customers and visualizes it in real time dashboards. What products are your customers touching, activating or bringing to the fitting room? We'll let you know!

Customer behaviour

Customers want what customers want. But that’s hard to give them if you don’t know who they are. We give you unique insights into who they are, what they buy and how often they shop.
At the same time, you'll get an unique possibility for personalized marketing!


An Omnichannel evolution

A customer leaving the store without buying anything? That’s not so bad anymore. Trust us!

The Zliide-app works as a mobile expansion of your store, which we believe is the true omnichannel experience.

Everything a customer activates or brings to the fitting room is saved on the Zliide-app, giving them the possibility to buy products, even when they have left the store. Your store will be at your customers’ fingertips - 24/7.

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