Reinventing fashion stores

Connecting online and offline for the sake of customer convenience.

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The easiest self-checkout for fashion stores.


Zliide Delivery+

Zliide enables 3-hour delivery from stores.


Fashion shopping has never been easier for your customers

The physical store becomes digital and customers can interact and buy all items through their phone in the store or at home.

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Best in-store experience

Zliide elevates the in-store experience by introducing self-checkout anywhere in the store enabled through the Zliide Tag.

Customer data like never before

Whether in-store or online, Zliide collects data that can help retailers analyze their customers and make data-driven decisions.

Probably the fastest fashion delivery

We offer 3-hour delivery directly from the store to the end-customer if they choose Zliide Delivery+ as a shipping method.
Zliide Tag

Do you want to know how Zliide works in-store?

Change your old security tags to the Zliide tags and all your items will become digital and intelligent.

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Enabling fashion stores to become truly digital

Phone with a Zliide tag


Self-checkout anywhere in the store with the highest level of security through the Zliide tags.

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Laptop with data

Data insights

Enable the store to collect data just like an online store through the Zliide tag.

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Zliide Delivery+ bag

Live inventory

Enable stores to become a local warehouse for the customer to shop anywhere.

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Fashion delivery,
the next frontier in fashion shopping

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The fashion app for customer convenience in‑store and online

The remote control used by thousands of customers every month in-store and online to get the best experience in fashion.

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All your store inventory in the customer’s pocket 24/7

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What users think about Zliide



I got my products delivered 2 hours after I ordered, even faster than I expected.



I ordered from Les Deux and really enjoyed using the app and the free fast delivery was also very nice!



I used Zliide to check-out in Moss Copenhagen in Aarhus. It was super convenient and fast!

Brands already elevating the store experience