The most seamless checkout for fashion stores.

Zliide Tag

Remove the checkout friction

Provide a whole new level of customer convenience without compromising security or installing a big clumsy kiosk.

Customers will love it, and store staff will get more time on the salesfloor.

How does Zliide work?

1 Click the tag

Open the Zliide app, and click the blue button on the tag.

See information, price, and more about the product.

Customers can see all brand pictures, videos, or anything you want them to know before deciding on their purchase

2 Pay

Press pay and select the preferred payment.

Get a digital receipt that can be saved forever.

The Zliide tag unlocks on the spot, and the customer can remove it.

3 Leave the store

Drop it in a Zliide Box located in the store

The customer can then either continue to shop or leave the store.

Used by brands like

Modern consumers expect more.

Simplicity in its finest form

Zliide checkout is so simple that going to the cash register will be the past.

Increase staff efficiency

Store staff shouldn’t collect money. They are there to help customers, not to handle a transaction.

Increase sales

Customers buy more the easier it is to checkout. With Zliide, it has never been more convenient.