The issue was integration

We run as an extension of your e-commerce in the store.
A picture of 2 screens from the Zliide Commerce interface. Screen on the top left is showing the "campaigns" page. Screen on the bottom right is showing the "data overview" page.

Easy integration

Getting started with Zliide is super easy and can be done with only a couple of integrations, usually within a few days. In order for a retailer to get started, we just need a product feed.

We put a huge value on helping our customers with the integrations so that the workload on your end is minimal. We are able to do customized integration work if you have a setup that needs a bit of love before you are able to integrate. On this page, you can read more in detail about the different integration possibilities and how and why they are done.
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A picture of elements from the Zliide Commerce interface. In the top left there is shown 3 progress bars for "basic info", "technical" and "practical". Right below on the bottom left there is a element showing the create a company process. On the right there is a element showing the e-commerce selection process and details.

Product data

In order to give customers a digital experience on their own device in a store, we need to access your product data. The product data we need is the standard product information that you display on your e-commerce site, like pictures, product name, price, size, barcode, etc.

We are able to enrich your data and combine different data sources like e-commerce, ERP, and PIM if you have your data stored in several places.

We will help you through the process of defining what product data you want to show, figuring out where it is stored, and making sure it is imported correctly into the platform.
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An in-store order will be just like an e-com order

When an in-store order is placed through the Zliide platform on your e-com site, it will follow your current setup.

Meaning the customer will receive all the relevant information about their order, just like if it were made from any other place.

That way, you, as a retailer, don't have to worry about orders disrupting your current flow of reporting or support on orders.
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An illustration of the Zliide flow. Step 1 - Customer orders through slide. Step 2 - The order goes to -ecom. Step 3 - And follows your current online flow. This flow is placed around a picture of a woman holding her phone. The illustration also shows the categories "support", "returns" and  "payment".

Manage and follow the performance of your stores

A picture of an Apple Macbook showing the Zliide Commerce interface. The screen shows the "store perfomance" page. The page shows data and statistic for the brands in-store orders.

When you launch you in store ordering platform, you will also get access to the Zliide Commerce tool. Here you will be able to follow the performance and orders from all of the stores, all the way down to tracking which staff member made the order.

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