Reduce out of stock situations - in the physical store

Provide customers with all of your stock at the till with a staff device or on the floor with the customer's own phone in the physical store.
An iPad to the left an iPhone in the middle and a NFC staff card to the right. The iPad shows the basket of the Zliide in-store ordering solution. The iPhone shows the product page of the Zliide in-store ordering solution on the customer's phone. The card has the moss copenhagen logo printed on it.

At the till with the staff device

Don't lose a sale because of out-of-stock sizes or colors. Access all of your stock on your store tablet at the till of your store.
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On the floor through the customer's phone

With just a touch from the brand-customized staff card, the Zliide in-store ordering platform is launched directly on the customer's phone, without installing an app.

You will have unlimited point of sales on the floor, a faster and more secure checkout process for the customers, while customers are able to complete orders by themselves. And no hardware costs in scale.
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A picture of the Zliide staff card that allows the users to open the App Clip or Instant App In Store Ordering. A text and an arrow pointing at the Zliide staff card is placed below with the text "Your custom card design".
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Never lose a sale - due to out-of-stock situations

With Zliide, you don't have to do manual ordering of out-of-stock items.

You may already have the option to order items from your store for the customer to pick up. But let's be honest, the current solutions offer a slow experience and are bad for both the customers and the staff.

With Zliide, both customers and staff have a much easier way of ordering items not in stock.
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An iPad to the left and an iPhone on the right with a Zliide nfc card on top of it. The iPad shows the product page of the Zliide in-store ordering solution. The iPhone on the right shows the product page of the Zliide in-store ordering solution on the customer's phone.

Improve your customers physical store experience

39% of your customers walk out of the store because the items they want are not in stock.

There is more demand in your offline stores than you can fulfill.
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A picture inside of a fashion retail store. 2 women are in the middle of the picture. The women on the left is a staff member with a Zliide card in a keyhanger around her neck. The women on the right is a customer holding a blazer jacket in her hands. The staff member is advising the customer about the products in the store.
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We make sure that staff can always make the sale, even if the item is not in stock in store

Retailer results

Increase in sales
The avg. store will increase sales by 3-6% and in peak times up to 10%
Customer ratings
The customer's rating of the experience
Of products sold at full price
The amounts of products sold at full price, excluding student discounts

We are a simple part of your ecosystem

An illustration showing the ecosystem of a retail brand and their e-commerce. On first step from the left you have the retail stores, the second step is the Zliide in-store ordering solution, third step is the e-commerce setup and warehouse stock.

We are loved because it is so easy

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Fast setup
Simple setup with great support from our tech team
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Ship tablets and cards
Onboarding and customer success are all handled by us
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Zliide in-store ordering enables you to fulfill all demand

Access all of your stock directly on a staff device or the customer’s device, even if it is not in your store.Faster than ordering online the traditional way.
Launch the platform
The staff will launch the platform through the staff device or touching the card on the customer's device.
Scan or search for an item
The customer's desired item can be either scanned or searched for. Select any size or color of the item and add it to the order.
We use your current payment options available on your site, and the customers get a confirmation from your e-com with the order.

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