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At Zliide, we aim to reinvent retail stores all over the world by making physical retail stores able to fulfill all the demands of a demanding modern consumer. Zliide was founded in 2016, and we are now live in several countries, making sure that retail stores and staff have the most convenient in-store ordering platform.
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How was Zliide founded?

Zliide was founded after an experience in a famous shoe and sports store. The founder's experience with coming to a store that looked amazing and created an amazing display of products was great...

But when it came to getting the product in the right size, there was no obvious or intuitive way to do this. Why wouldn't you just be able to make a simple order on the most trusted device, your own mobile, without having to use the website, which can be complicated?

So the founders took the motto of the famous and unnamed retailer and said, let’s JUST DO IT!
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Our mision

To make retail stores all over the world the foundation for future growth, and the biggest contributor of revenue to e-com.
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Our vision

We believe that the physical store has huge unrealized potential, and we want to enable it with an omnichannel solution that the staff and customers actually use.

Our values

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We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our interactions. We are transparent, honest, and accountable for our actions. Trust is the foundation of our relationships, both within the organization and with our customers, partners, and stakeholders.
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We foster a culture of continuous innovation, encouraging our team members to think creatively and challenge the status quo. We embrace new ideas, technologies, and approaches to drive positive change and deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.
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Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We are committed to understanding their needs, exceeding their expectations, and delivering solutions that provide genuine value. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and their success is our success.
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We value collaboration and teamwork. We believe that diverse perspectives and collective efforts lead to better outcomes. We encourage open communication, mutual respect, and active participation to achieve shared goals and growth.
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We empower our team members to take ownership, make decisions, and be proactive. We believe in providing opportunities for growth, fostering a learning culture, and supporting personal and professional development. We trust and invest in our people, recognizing that their success drives the success of our company.
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We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint, promote social responsibility, and contribute positively to the communities we operate in. We seek sustainable solutions and partnerships that align with our values.

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